RUN THE WORLD’S BEST RETAIL WITH VEND POS SOFTWARE Vend is retail POS software, inventory management, e-commerce & customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC. Easily manage & grow your business in the cloud.


Point of Sale – Vend makes it easy to sell to your customers, whether you use our responsive web-based POS on Mac or PC, or our Vend Register iPad app.

Vend Ecommerce – Create a beautiful online store in minutes and manage everything centrally. Quickly add products, fulfil orders, and track sales from a single account.

Sales Operations – Make it easy for your customers to shop the way they want with features like layaways, easy returns and refunds, split payments and email receipts.


Products – It’s a breeze to add, edit and remove products, including images, descriptions and taxes. Easily add variants or create composite products to fit your needs.

Inventory – Take control over your inventory with full or partial inventory counts, and easily balance and transfer your inventory between your different locations.

Users – Create user accounts for each of your staff and easily control their permissions. Set individual sales targets for each of them and track their performance.


Build your own reports – Vend Reporting is customizable and flexible. Build your own reports using a wide range of variables and tools to get exactly the information you need.

Sales Reports – Easily dive into your sales data to see how your stores, products and staff are performing and quickly identify any problem areas that can be improved.

Inventory Reports – Stay on top of your inventory with stock on hand information, low stock and inventory levels reports, and use these insights to make better informed decisions.


Expand – Grow effortlessly with Vend and quickly add more products, users or registers. Vend is designed to be flexible and help you scale easily.

Change Plans Easily – With Vend, you’re not tied into a contract, which means you can easily switch Vend plans and select the one that best meets your needs.

Multi Outlet – Manage all your stores seamlessly with Vend, whether you add new stores, a warehouse or have seasonal needs like Christmas pop-up stores.

Add Ons – Extend the power of Vend with a multitude of handy add-ons to help you streamline your operations and run your entire business online.

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