A Simple and Intuitive Hotel Management System

Inventory management that is trusted by thousands of manufacturers and distributors in over 80 global locations.

What sets us apart?

We created Preno because we couldn’t find a property management system that was easy to use, and that saved us time.

So we built Preno with a clean and intuitive user interface, world-class Xero integration and streamlined workflows, to reduce the admin. Leaving more time for guest interactions.

Easy Bookings Management


Move bookings around with our drag and drop feature on the grid.

View bookings by different view options – Payment type, groups, status.

Create detailed guest profiles, so you can go above and beyond every time.

Channel Manager Integration


Always have real time updates of your availability with the channel manager integration.

Eliminate double bookings, and reduce the admin with our automated system.

Booking details from OTAs are sent directly into Preno.

Xero Integration


Invoicing is simple with Preno and Xero. The integration
helps automate payments taken in Preno to Xero.

Reconciliation is easy, and deposits are easily mapped within Xero.

Agent invoicing is simple with data imported from Xero, this gives
you the ability to send off emails to agents from within Preno.

Plus many more integrations! Click here to see more.

Insightful Reporting


Set targets and compare how you are tracking against those targets.

Save time with all the key metrics in an easy to understand format.

Track occupancy and revenue, so you can make focused and informed business decisions.

Get the bird’s eye view

See your bookings visually on the grid. Click on the booking for more actions or simply drag and drop to shuffle the bookings around.

Less clutter, more focus

Views allow you to see the different aspects of your bookings. Switch between the booking status, group bookings and payments recorded.

Simple booking management workflow

Preno’s intuitive workflow means you can quickly create a new booking, capture guest requests and other booking information quickly and easily.

Group bookings made easy

Multiple guests in multiple rooms, checking out at different times? No matter how complex, Preno’s booking workflow makes it a breeze to manage.

Build your Guest's history

Add as much information about all your guests, not just the primary guests. Use your guest history notes to deliver exceptional experiences when they return.

Close a Room

Blocking off rooms will update your room availability and reflect correctly on your occupancy reports. When connected to a channel manager, closing the room will also automatically update your room availability online.

Fast Check-In

First impressions count. Guest check-in is fast and easy so you can spend more time interacting with your guests.

Extra Charges made simple

Adding extras such as mini bar charges, breakfast packages and valet parking is simple. Preno will even suggest your popular extras so you can add it to the booking quickly.

Bill to Room

Offering your guests the ‘dine first, pay later’ experience at your property doesn’t need to come with additional admin.

Send guest charges from your restaurant or bar’s POS to Preno automatically using our integration with Kounta POS. Your guests can then pay off all charges at once, when they checkout.

About Kounta POS

Kounta is an online point of sale platform for the bars, restaurant or retail store at your property. Preno integrates with Kounta to enable your guests to ‘bill to room’.

Find out more about Kounta POS.

Integrated payments

Your guest’s credit card can be added to their booking securely in Preno. You can then charge their credit card at the end of their stay directly from Preno, making the checkout process quick and delightful.

Preno integrates with Stripe and Braintree for integrated payments.

Many payment methods

Preno is flexible, and supports most payment methods such as cash, credit cards and invoices. Tracking the different payment types makes it easier to reconcile your accounts.

Automated invoices

When checkout is complete, Preno automatically creates the invoice in Xero with line items mapped to the mapped chart of accounts, saving you the manual input.

Simplify agent commissions & payments

There are a lot of agents, all with different rates of commission and methods by which they want to receive it. Preno imports all your agent information from your Xero account, and allows you to create agent invoices quickly from your front-desk.

Easily Manage Deposits

Deposits made before the guest stay uses the Xero Prepayments flows to simplify bank reconciliation and future payments. With Preno, you can easily create and send an invoice for a deposit. There is now no need to review guests’ account before check out.

Planning for production

Use Preno’s reconciliation report, broken down by different payment types to help you quickly complete your bank reconciliation.

Connect to Xero in 2 steps

Getting connected is a breeze. Authorise your Xero account to Preno, then set the chart of account mappings and you’re ready to streamline your accounting.

Find out more about Xero.

Real time Insights

Get real time insights and reports on how your property is performing, so you can make better business decisions. Reports are easy to understand, so you spend less time working it out and more time taking action.

Use reports to flex your rates

With up to date revenue and occupancy insights, you can flex your rates with confidence. Comparisons with how your property performed last year also provides a great benchmark.

Use reports to manage your agents

Find out how all of your agents are performing at a glance. You can then decide how to incentivise them to bring more bookings to your property.

Xero Accounting Software

Xero is online accounting software for small businesses. Use Xero to manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping & more.

Learn more about Xero.

Siteminder Channel Manager

Automate your availability, rates and inventory between your online channels and Preno. SiteMinder offers the most widely-adopted online distribution technology and a booking engine to enable direct bookings.

Learn more about Siteminder.

STAAH Channel Manager

STAAH helps you manage rooms sold online and sends reservations to Preno. They also offer a booking button and website for your property.

Learn more about STAAH.

Kounta POS

Kounta is an online point of sale platform for your bar, restaurant or retail store at your property. Use Kounta with Preno so you can allow guests to bill to room.

Learn more about Kounta.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe lets you securely store guest credit cards and process their payments directly in Preno.

Learn more about Stripe.

Braintree Payment Gateway

Braintree lets you securely store guest credit cards and process their payments directly in Preno.

Learn more about Braintree.

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