The Professional POS Solution for your business Simplify your life with our Ipad based POS System. Ikentoo POS is the perfect IPad Solution for Bars, Restaurants, Small Lodges and Kiosks

Why Choose ikentoo?

iKentoo is the most advanced iPad®-based Point of Sale and business management system on the market for the hospitality industry. The video on the right has a short explanation of iKentoo operating locally.

Increase your sales

  • Till, table-side and self-ordering options
  • Ergonomic and powerful interface
  • Easy and ultra-fast order-taking

Save time & money

  • Accept payments quickly and easily
  • Intuitive and customizable bookkeeping
  • Automated stock-keeping
  • Highly modular back-office platform

What makes iKentoo different?

True Offline

Keep your business running even when your internet connection drops or is unstable. iKentoo has a unique server-less protocol for POS to POS communication keeping your tables in sync at all times across all devices.

Realtime Cloud

Our secure cloud solution provides continuous backups and realtime data ensuring your business is operational 24/7 and you know how your business is doing at all times.

Centralised Management

Our web based centralised management portal gives you complete control of your business or franchise from the comfort of your chair. Everything from price and menu changes to detailed reports are managed in a single place.


We have not tried to re-invent the way you use the POS. We firmly believe your staff should require minimum training when upgrading to iKentoo. We strive for ease of use and speed of use.


We have a wide range of F & B customers which has helped us to build the most flexible tablet POS on the market. Work the way you want and make your business run smoothly, we will help you!

Tableside Ordering

We have been developing our server-less table side ordering for years, its proven technology that works in any environment. You get the same functionality as our “fixed” POS in the palm of your hand. You can even use it for queue busting!

all you need
to get started

You can get up and running quickly with a simple hardware package and add on to it as your requirements and business evolve.

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